Experts in root canals and complex endodontics


Experts in root canals and complex endodontics

Experts in root canals and complex endodontics

Experts in root canals and complex endodontics

Experts in root canals and complex endodontics


Welcome to Fife Endodontics

Our staff is dedicated to welcoming patients to our office in the same way they would welcome them to their homes. We believe your first encounter with our office should be a comfortable one, from the time you first call, to the time we say good-bye. We are here to serve you and to acquaint ourselves with your needs, your problems, and your fears.

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Dr. Fife and Dr. Steffen are experts in performing root canals and other complex endodontic procedures. Our priority is saving your natural teeth. We perform root canals almost exclusively and we deliver the best outcomes with the highest rates of tooth survival. We’ve treated over 30,000 people since 2003.

Dr. Fife Endodontics Office Las Vegas

Our Office

We are proud of our office, which utilizes state of the art equipment and advanced sterilization systems. Our caring staff, excellent doctor, and soothing atmosphere give our patients a stress-free, relaxing experience.

Endondontic microscope

The Microscope

Endodontics and is soon to become the standard of care. It magnifies the tooth up to 25 times, allowing the doctor to see small canals, fractures, and debris, and to clean them more thoroughly.

Dr. Fife – Endodontic Specialist

Dr. Fife received his specialty training at the Department of Endodontics at the University of Florida. He attended the UCLA School of Dentistry where he graduated cum Lauder and obtained his DDS degree.

Growing up in California, Dr. Fife loved being outdoors. Yosemite National Park was his backyard where he enjoyed many camping trips with his brothers and sisters.

Dr. Steffen – Endodontic Specialist

Dr. Steffen completed his specialty training in endodontics at the University of Pennsylvania after receiving his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Columbia University in New York City.

Dr. Steffen is a specialist member of the American Association of Endodontics as well as the American Dental Association and Southern Nevada Dental Society.

Top Rated Endondontist in Las Vegas

I still can’t believe how much of a non-event this was. I was sweating all night prior, because of past terrible experiences. This was a total breeze. He is virtually a magician. No pain!!

I initially thought that I’d be there for hours, but Dr. Fife told me the whole procedure would take about 30 minutes and that I wouldn’t feel any pain


I found the treatment to be quick and efficient. This was the first time that I have ever had a doctor follow up with a call at home. I mean the doctor, not the office. Thank you.

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